What Are The Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea?

What Are The Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea?

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Rhodiola Rosea, known as golden root, arctic root, or king’s crown, is a flowering plant that grows most often in the arctic regions of Europe, North America, and central Asia.

The Root has been used for centuries as a remedy for conditions such as anxiety and depression in Russian and Scandinavian countries, Rhodiola Rosea can be considered one of the earliest known natural nootropics.

The Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

For years, Rhodiola Rosea has been used as a highly effective natural health remedy and supplement. Research has shown that the benefits of Rhodiola Rosea include:

Benefit 1: Supports cognitive function, focus, and mental clarity

Improved cognitive function, focus, and mental clarity are some of the most widely reported benefits of Rhodiola Rosea. These are all critical mental processes that need to be maintained if we hope to do our best work consistently each day.

By jump-starting your mental processes with Rhodiola Rosea, you’re able to be more productive and efficient.

Benefit 2: Promotes energy and stamina

In addition to mental processes, Rhodiola Rosea has also been shown to help improve energy and stamina.

In one study sample including 150 adults, participants were given a Rhodiola Rosea supplement for 30 days. At the end of the study, 66% of participants reported increased energy as well as improved mood. Additional studies from the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, UCLA, and others have echoed these findings for various physical processes such as energy and stamina.

Benefit 3: Supports healthy stress levels

Rhodiola Rosea has also been shown in clinical studies to minimize the effects of stress.

This, combined with its ability to help improve cognitive function, focus, and mental clarity is an ideal combination of benefits for maintaining your mental well-being in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

Benefit 4: Enhances athletic performance and endurance

Rhodiola Rosea may be best known for its ability to help us handle the stresses of physical and mental activity, allowing us to maximize our performance in everything that we do.

Studies have shown that Rhodiola helps the body manage fatigue while performing long-lasting low and medium-intensity activities, improving endurance. In addition, it has been shown to increase the body’s ability to maintain effective exercise, improving athletic performance.

Benefit 5: Supports Workout Recovery

For the same reasons as listed above, Rhodiola doesn’t just improve performance and endurance, it also helps improve recovery from strenuous activity.

This is due in part to its role as an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body deal with physical and mental stressors (which we’ll talk about more in a bit).

Benefit 6: Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

If you’re familiar with the effects of stress on cholesterol levels, you won’t be surprised by this one.

Stress has been shown to increase cholesterol significantly, so Rhodiola’s ability to reduce and better manage stress has been shown to effectively reduce cholesterol levels.

Benefit 7: Lessen depression, insomnia, and emotional instability

Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to be a potentially effective natural antidepressant.

In addition, it’s been shown to reduce insomnia, emotional instability, and other symptoms in patients diagnosed with depression.

Rhodiola Rosea as an Adaptogen

In addition to being a powerful performance enhancer and the benefits listed above, Rhodiola Rosea is highly effective as an adaptogen herb supplement (second only to Ginseng).

Adaptogens have been shown to help the body adapt to various chemical, physical, and environmental stressors by releasing a “normalizing” effect on various bodily processes. This has implications for improved health and performance in virtually everything we do, allowing us to better handle the pressures and stressors of rigorous activity and even better handle feelings of anxiousness.

You have to be especially careful because not all Rhodiola supplements are made equal. The difference in the effect a low-quality Rhodiola vs. a high-quality standardised High Rosavin Rhodiola gives can be considerable.

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