History of Brainpower Nootropics®

By Ashley Peat, Founder & CEO.

I founded Brainpower Nootropics® in 2016, to initially solve my own problem.

My concentration, memory & focus have always been pretty bad. At school, I was easily distracted and my memory was not where I wanted it to be. This continued into University, then my career, quickly leading to me getting fired… several times.

After trying a few medications like Adderall, I quickly realised they were not for me and made me feel overstimulated.

I wanted something natural that could yield better results. This led me to come across several very effective natural Nootropics, and I quickly started experimenting with various different combinations, which I found very effective.

I gave my stack to a few friends and family who also wanted to improve their concentration, memory and focus, and they noticed the same results I was having. It wasn't just working for me. It was working for everyone!

This was when I knew my creation was destined to become something bigger than just me. So I enlisted the help of a top nutraceutical scientist and a manufacturing facility to develop the first formula. Several months later, the first variation of PowerFocus® was born.

Ashley Peat - Manufacturing at Brainpower Nootropics®

It was shortly after this time that a lot of you were telling me about your anxiety, and asking for something for the stresses of daily life. This got me thinking, and I decided to set out enlisting the right people to help to R&D a stack for those people too. Enter “Anti X®”.

Fast forward 3 years, and PowerFocus® and Anti X® have gone on to become some of the best selling stacks in the industry for their respective uses. We now have another 5 fantastic single ingredient products that people love mixing and matching to solve a variety of issues.

We are not stopping there. We are listening to you guys, and we are releasing a host of new products you have asked for, for the challenges you are facing, along with a ton of content to help you on your journey.

Mission & Purpose

We support the people who work hard to make life how they want it, the people who choose not victims of their situation, but are creators of their vision and dream lifestyle and work tirelessly towards it.

We promote success, motivation, concentration and achievement of results. We want you to surpass the hurdles that genetics and society throw at us. We say, screw that, I'm going to do it my way, and win at it.

At BPN we are here to support you in achieving a free life, full of health wealth and happiness. We know it takes encouragement and support to make that dream a reality, so when we create our products, we keep in mind you are the next generation of high performers and world shapers.

Some companies don’t give back. We love you guys and just want to get our stuff into your hands so you can enjoy it and lead a more optimised life. So we regularly do flash sales or will give out a load of our newest product. 

Brainpower Nootropics is way more than a line of supplements. Led by our athletes, inspirations, employees, distributors and fans, Brainpower Nootropics® is...

Achievement Bottled.