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All Natural Ingredients

All of our products use natural herbal ingredients manufactured in the UK.


Quality Assured

Our products are manufactured to GMP (Good manufacturing practices) standards ensuring you receive the best quality.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We only sell the best, and we know you will agree. If you don't we will give you your money back.. AND keep the product!


(PowerFocus®) I've tried lots of similar products before, but this has to be the best by far. In the beginning I was sceptical but not only does it work but I can actually feel the difference!

Overall very impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Amazon Customer

(Anti-X®) As a public speaker, I have suffered with anxiety for many years & I have tried many products.
This brand has been a revelation, it's helped me through two events & i will continue to use it.

Amazon Customer

"I ordered some of your product for our daughter in UK over the weekend - via Amazon, having heard from a friend that it is good for brain clarity and also depression.

PS - I also love your customer service as I neither expected nor anticipated free shipping costs! What with that and a money back guarantee you seem to offer a great service"


Ashley Peat

“Hi I'm Ash from Brainpower Nootropics. I'm here in the office, to speak to you today about a common issue that affects millions of people worldwide.

That's problem is memory, focus, concentration and brain fog. In our modern lives we are subjected to so much stimuli and it's sometimes too much for our brain to process meaning it doesn't work at its full potential.

If you come in and you're not performing at your best, you start to doubt yourself and you're never going to get that optimum performance.

We have a solution for that and it's called PowerFocus®. We serve thousands of customers worldwide and have a huge repeat customer base who trust us to improve their cognitive function on a daily basis.

We've worked with many experts and refined the formula over many years and now to become the number one, best selling Nootropic in the UK. PowerFocus® is trusted by people just like you all around the world. Entrepreneurs, students, office workers and athletes all use Power Focus to gain the competitive advantage and you can too.

What's in Power Focus? It's all ecologically sourced, non-GMO, natural ingredients that we can trace all the way back to the farm that they were grown on and they're all backed by scientific studies.

It's suitable for vegans and has no gluten containing ingredients. PowerFocus® gives a boost to your Neurotransmitters to achieve heightened creativity, conversation flow and reaction times.

In highly focused sports and situations the difference between .1 of a second can mean the difference to winning and losing. It can be the difference between a champion and forgotten. If you've tuned your diet, training and your mind to its limit, PowerFocus® is your competitive edge.

If you'd like to know more about how PowerFocus® can help you or you'd like to try our no risk, money back guarantee 30 day trial, simply order your bottle and if you don't like it, you've got nothing to lose because we'll refund you in full and you can keep the product. That's how confident we are that Power Focus will be able to help you. “

- Ashley Peat (CEO of Brainpower Nootropics)

From the Brain Blog

The Ultimate 100% Natural Nootropic Shake for Brain and Body

The Ultimate 100% Natural Nootropic Shake for Brain and Body

I was making my daily shake this morning and realised, why have I not shared this with all my Natural Nootropics fans before!? I swear by this stuff!

So first off, I apologise for being selfish and keeping this little gem to myself for so long! Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for tomorrow's breakfast.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Ashwagandha

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Ashwagandha

  1. For max Withanolide content, ensure that your Ashwagandha powder is extracted from the roots alone with no components from the leaves. KSM-66® is, therefore, the most potent and recommended form of Ashwagandha.
What is Rhodiola Rosea?

What is Rhodiola Rosea?

What is Rhodiola Rosea? Rhodiola Rosea, as known as golden root, arctic root, or king’s crown, is a flowering plant that grows most often in the a...